Why am I sharing this you might ask? Well it’s been some time since we provided you with a nice money making method, and I felt the need to share this with you because it ACTUALLY WORKS!
I tested it again and again, and the results are positive. I will describe all steps bellow, but feel free to make your own twists.

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The Basic Idea

-download porn videos that are recorded with a webcam (again, you can add your own twist here)
-register a domain name (the shorter the better)
-watermark video (only if you have copyright on the video)
-upload this videos on various tube sites -start making money

The Method Described Can Be Fully Automated Using Adult Video Blaster

Step By Step Guide

Step 1. Making accounts for the tube sites

We tested this method with 5 tube sites: 1. http://pornhub.com 2. http://xvideos.com 3. http://xhamster.com 4. http://youporn.com 5. http://txxx.com There are multiple ways to do this, so pick your favorite: 1. Make 1 account for each site, and upload all videos to one account (on each site) 2. Make multiple accounts on each site, and upload your videos on multiple accounts 3. Focus only on one tube site ( pornhub and xhamster are the top 2)

Step 2. Download porn videos (webcam)

Before you can start banking money from your traffic, you first need to download videos. You will then reupload this videos.downloadxhamster To download videos, go to http://m.xhamster.com (please note the m from the start, it’s the mobile version of the site). Now download the videos you want to reupload. Try to make sure they have no watermark on them and make sure they are not copyrighted (contact the author to be sure). When you are in the mobile version, you can scroll to the bottom of any video and click on “Download MP4” to download the video.

Step 3. Edit your videos

Some tube sites don’t allow uploading the same videos multiple times. What you need to do is use your favorite video editor and convert or cut some time from the downloaded videos. Make sure to reupload the newly converted videos. In case you own our video creator (Video Spin Blaster Pro), you can automatically make videos 100% unique in 1 click. Get VSB pro from: https://blastersuite.com/video-spin-blaster-pro/ Now this method can be done in 2 ways. You can get visitors on your site by entering the link to your site (without www or http) in the title of the video, or adding a watermark to the video with your site. Use watermarks on your own risk, because you can get banned especially if you have no copyright on the video. We don’t recommend adding watermarks if the video is not roiality free or you don’t have copyright on it. But we did manage to successfully upload videos with watermark on all tube sites besides xhamster.com

Step 4. Make a chaturbate.com affiliate account

The website where we redirect all traffic is chaturbate.com . Again, if you have other ideas, you can use different sites. Chaturbate pays you 1$ per free registration, the users don’t even need to confirm their email. So that’s pretty good. Go to http://chaturbate.com and make an account right now. Note: The hyperlink to chaturbate.com contains my affiliate link. No need to join from my affiliate link if you don’t want to.

Step 5. Register one or more domains

Now that you have your affiliate link, all you have to do is purchase a domain, add it to your hosting and set up a redirect. Let’s say you purchased the domain camz.com (pretty hard to get that one, but it’s an example). You set-up a redirect on this domain, so when people go to camz.com, they will be redirected to your chaturbate affiliate link. You can also use the text camz.com in watermarks (if you chose to add watermarks to your videos). In the beginning, one domain will be enough, but as you upload more and more videos, I recommend getting more domains, all redirecting to the same affiliate link.

Step 6. Upload your videos

Here we go, this is the last step and you are done. Before uploading the video, make sure to rename all video files so they sound attractive, and also add your domain name at the end of the video file name. Example: Latina Showing Perfect Ass – camz.com.mp4 After uploading, make sure the title is set (you can make it the same as your video file name) and you are good to go. Now, when you are uploading your video, make sure that video name stay the same on porn site, and some sites do not allow domain names in video name, so just upload to other websites.

That’s it. Start uploading at least 4-5 videos/day, and in time you will see that you will start earning money without uploading one single video. Now of course this method can be applied to other categories of videos (not only cam), and you can promote different affiliate websites. In case you want to receive more information and updated on this method, please subscribe. We will send you emails related to this method, and nothing more!


The Method Described Can Be Fully Automated Using Adult Video Blaster