Lately I got a ton of Thank You emails from our users.

You shared with us crazy traffic stats and some INSANE income proofs!

And I want to THANK each one of you!

But I’m going to be honest. Not everyone succeeded..

we also got some emails like:

“Stoica, I tried to rank my video but failed…”


“Guys, I followed your guidelines and I don’t get traffic.”

So I contacted each one of you and analyzed
what our successful students are doing different…

Do they have more experience in IM? … Nope

Do they have better converting videos?… Nope

Did they invest money in secret tricksNope!

The only difference is that  the successful students are

They didn’t upload one video and hoped for top rankings and miracles…
They uploaded 10 videos
Found the best performers…
Uploaded 10 more and BANG, they hit the JACK-POT.

The Trick Is Not GIVE UP!

And the awesome news is that you don’t have to work
10x more to upload 10 videos and test 10 keywords.

With our software you only click two more buttons and get 10 more titles/desc/tags to try out.

PLUS you can apply my “fishing trick” that I explained yesterday and with the help of SyVid you will not have to create 10 different video files either.

SyVid is a cloud based app where you can upload a single video which is then automatically uploaded and published on 10 different video sharing websites along with the unique titles, descriptions and your keywords.

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With this software you’ll get more rankings & more traffic because you will do everything 10x on steroids!
I really think that SyVid will help you a lot.

Even if you decided to get SYVID or continue to upload your videos the old-school way…
The bottom line is DON’T GIVE UP!

Be PERSISTENT, test new keywords, new niches, new video platforms and
I’m sure in one week from now you’ll be our NEXT SUCCESS STORY!

To your success,

Vlad and Stoica