The easiest way to sell something… is in face-to-face meetings.
HANDS down!

The closest thing to that are online live lessons and webinars.
But the problem with the webinars is that you have to come online… LIVE.
And you have to perform perfectly ever time…

Imagine if you could tap into the full power of
webinar marketing to get 60% conversions, all
automated and with zero monthly fees…
… without even having to run the webinars live


That’s exactly how WP AutoWebby works:
Run unlimited attendees webinars, build sexy registration
replay and live pages & monetize your audience all within seconds!
This is completely done-for-you and allows you to
instantly set up amazing webinar campaigns.
Most importantly: it’s all automated which means you don’t
even have to present on the webinar live!
X No need to spend hundreds per month for an expensive system that barely works
X No need to hire a designer to create your registration & replay pages
X No need to spend hours trying to figure out how the software works
And most importantly: No need to stress out over
running webinars live yourself every time –
WP AutoWebby turns any video URL into a full webinar campaign,
so you can have
[+] review videos
[+] sales videos
[+] explainer videos
[+] webinar recordings
[+] other people’s webinars
… TURNED into automated simulated “live” webinars
where you get conversions as high as 60% without EVER
having to actually run a webinar yourself.


Vlad and Stoica