A few days ago I wrote about how important is having a funnel in your business.
Well today let me explain you exactly how you can implement it in your business.

Probably you are already selling video services to your clients…
So let’s expand your service portfolio…
you can easy sell a website creation service to your clients for $400, right??
that will double your average income/ new client.

But creating websites is tedious and hard…
Don’t worry I have a shortcut for you and it’s called Mobilrr.
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But this is not just a website creator…
The awesome news that Mobilrr will find you fresh leads that need your services.
And with only a few clicks you’ll be able to contact those prospects using the build in email sending module.
Don’t worry, you won’t have to write the emails yourself. Everything is DFY.

Check out my review video and my bonuses:
>> http://blasterbonus.com/mobilrr/

If you’re tired of struggling to get new leads, close them, and then deal with fulfilling the service, you’ll LOVE this.

Have an awesome day,
Vlad and Stoica