What’s Stoica Doing With That Old Phone In His Hand?

Testing The Incredible New Method That Gets
100% Inbox Rate And Over 90% Open Rate…

For this method to work you will need a spare old android phone. I am sure you have an old phone lying around somewhere in your house. It can be 5 years old, it does not matter!

Get that phone, buy a new SIM card (5 USD in our country) and you are good to go. You can start promoting your business and offers in no time. And the best part is that you will get 100% inbox rates and insane open rates of your SMS messages.

We are still testing this method, but so far the results are incredible. I really suggest you take a look in to this because it can really change the way you are promoting yourself online!


And The Best Part Is Sending SMS Messages Is 100% Free!

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Incredible inbox rate, forget about emailing when you can send SMS messages!

Over 95% of people who receive a message on their phone actually read it.

Convert your leads like crazy by sending personal customzied messages directly to a mobile phone.

Imagine a world where you could actually contact each and every one of your potential clients. Hard to imagine it when you are relying 100% on email lists.

At least in our case, we got so bad results that we decided to find new method of reaching our subscribers. After we got multiple low open rates (lower than 5%) we decided to find an alternative to email marketing. Fortunately for us we managed to find a unique software that helps send SMS messages directly to your phone, with absolutely no extra cost!

I really recommend checking this page out, because it can be a game changer for you, especially if you are promoting any local business!

The Best Part Is That You Can Actually Send SMS Messages For Free, By Using This One Time Payment Software…