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Softwares detected as "Virus/Suspicious file" - Mass Video Blaster/Video Marketing Blaster/CPA Blaster


Hi all

We have implemented numerous security features to prevent the software from being hacked. One of this features is "packing" (encrypting) the executable. Because of this, some Antivirus programs can detect our software as suspicious files.

The software are detected as suspicious because the Antivirus does not "know" to read/unpack the executable file (because of the new security features we implemented). Knowing that an Antivirus can't unpack the files we hope that crackers will also be stopped.

Simply click on ignore and you should be fine. VMB, MVB, etc  are not viruses, but because the Antivirus can't unpack them (read them) they are marked as suspicious.

We hope you understand that it was necessary for us to take this measure. IT wasn't fear for the customers (and for us of course) to have cracked software on the Internet.



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