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In what situation should we stream the video in Live Event Blaster 2 ?



If you want the event to be accompanied with a video, you can set up the streaming to be scheduled.

This can be done by clicking on the "Settings" in Live Event Blaster 2 and tick on the "Autostart Streaming Scheduled Events".


Settings - Autostart setup



Choose the video you want to be streamed by right-click on the event/s and choose "Edit Item". Under "Video File" - click on "Browse" button and point to the video file you want to stream for this particular event. If no video is chosen, the streaming will not take place at all.

Attach video file


There are no specific situations which to be considered whether the event should be streamed or not . But it is recommend to let it stay as event, and simply upload a video with the same title , description and tags 

Make use of the event you created as a prediction of how the video will rank 


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