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Tips to avoid YT account ban


 YT has strict rules, and you need to follow them to succeed.

 Here are a few tips that can help you avoid bans.

1. Do NOT use the same link in all descriptions

2. Get fresh proxies (use private proxies)

3. Do not upload more than 10 videos/day/account

4. Use delays between uploads, simulate like you would upload manually.

5. Avoid banned keywords like hack, crack etc...

6. Get accounts from a different supplier

7. Change the niche (there is a big chance somebody has a flag bot)

8. Add watermark to your videos (check upload settings->video editor->add watermark)

9. In case you are using more than 1 threads, switch back to 1 thread when uploading

10. Don't do Other Actions after uploading a video (at least for test)

 Also, I recommend doing tests to figure out what's causing the ban. Do split testing like:

a. Upload a video with same title as banned video, but no description, no tagsIf it gets banned, it's a good chance the title is the problem

b. Upload a video with same description as banned video, but different title and no tags
If it gets banned, it's a good chance the description is the problem

c. Use a different video file. Make your own video using VSB Pro or Movie Maker, make it your and use no watermarks
If you don't get banned, than maybe it's the video file

 So always do tests, and figure out what the problem is.

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