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How to create variations of my affiliate links on my YT descriptions automatically in order not to be flagged by youtube?



Due to recent crackdown by Youtube, we need to exercise care in uploading videos/events. 

One of the important issues is using the same affiliate links in every videos/events that you put into the descriptions.

We can work around this by :

  1. using link shorterners eg,
  2. create 10-30 redirect link for your main affiliate link
  3. then whenever you want to post an event or video put in the description you can use this syntax {link1|link2|....|link10} so that each time you publish a video /event you will get a different link 


Here is how to break this down using as an example :

Step 1 - Create an account in or

Step 2 -  Create the first link (let's call it link1) by clicking on "Create" - "Bitlink" at the top right corner of the screen .. repeat the same process, the number of links should ideally be the same as the number of videos/events you plan to publish

Step 3 -  In the description of the video/event that you plan to create , use this syntax {link1|link2|....|link10} which will eventually make 1 unique link per video/event published.




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