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How to INCREASE FURTHER views of my videos/live events


Hi there

If you want to increase TARGETED views on your youtube videos/live events , you need to have the proper titles,description and tags that will be relevant to the keyword.

  • You can make more videos/live events by using long tail keywords (3 words or more) 2-3 times in the title of your video. Example - Affordable Plumber Reno Nevada - Call me if you are seeking Affordable Plumber Reno Nevada . Refer to this video where Stoica explains more about this  
  • Add symbols that will attract visitors eg "***", "<<<" etc in the title .You can also attach emojis from here
  • Share your videos via social media eg Facebook/ Twitter/ Reddit and your youtube channel subscriber list (if you have one) 


    • a) Reddit 

There are 2 types of karma  - comments and post karma. 

Comments Karma - In order to collect comment karma, you can join subreddits and the list of subreddits under are listed in

Just comment on any posts within the subreddits of your choice and any upvote will increase your comment karma. One of the easiest subreddits to get comment karma is r/kpop , r/kpopper where you just post comments like “nice”, “wow”, “great”,”beauty” and you can see your karma will increase easily

Post Karma - In order to collect comment karma, you can join subreddits and the list of subreddits below:



Where you can just post comments “Need Karma to post can't post because I need Karma” ,“Upvote me and I will return the favor” etc. Make sure you upvote those who upvote for you in order to gain a good reputation. Kindly note that some subreddit will ban you automatiically if they know you are using the above subreddits to gain karma points, but these subreddit practices are rare.

To check how many post and comment karma you have in your profile, simply hover over your mouse to “karma” as shown below

 b) Facebook

You can search directly in the fb search simply by typing the keyword "keto diet" and click on the magnifying class icon. Join the groups concerned and participate in their discussions at least once a while. Share your youtube videos/channel in order to let the other members aware about them


c) Twitter

You can search for the related twitter groups within the same niche as your keyword. This can be done simply by typing your keyword eg " Keto Diet" in the top right corner of your Twitter main page . Follow these people and then once a while, tweet your Youtube video / channel links so that they will get visitors.


 d) Youtube channel subscriber list

If you have a channel dedicated to a specific niche, you can gain regular subscribers by reminding your visitors to "click pn Subcribe button" and "Click on the bell notification button" at the beginning and at the end of your videos.

Once you have subscriber list, your subscribers will be automatically notified via emails with the link of your Youtube video whenever you have a new video.published.


e) Forums

Use and key in the keyword of the niche you are working on. Register yourself in the forum and then start to participate in the discussions there and share the link of your Youtube videos or channel to create awareness '








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