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Why are my videos/events are not ranking on first page of Google


Hi there,

We need to be aware, that ranking videos in Youtube and ranking videos on Google are 2 different scenarios based on 2 SEPARATE platforms . 

Both  utilise different ranking criterias and algorithm, for example Google uses SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) while Youtube videos are ranked based on title/tags/relevancy etc.


When it comes to ranking in Google :

If the competitors for your specific keywords are having high PA(page authority) and/or high DA(Domain Authority) then you are most likely find it tough to compete against them. For example if you are using short tail keywords e.g. weight loss , you will be competing against very established websites such as ,

However, if you use longer tail keywords .e.g best weight loss tips for seniors above 60, the chances of ranking on first page is much higher - simply because the competition is not as strong as in the first case.



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