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Virus Detection On Blaster Suite Products - False Positive - Norton False Positive - Avast False Positive



We have been selling our products for over 6 years, and we can guarantee they are not virus.

 Whenever we release a new version of a software, antivirus products like Norton, Symantec or Avast can detect them as false positive. Whenever this happens, simply add the files to the exceptions list of your antivirus.

 They detect the software as false positive because the files are "new" in their eyes, and because we encrypt our products to prevent hackers from hacking them, some AV protection systems can detect as false positive.


We guarantee that products (if detected by an antivirus) do not contain any virus codes in them. We test them before release, and we secure them on our servers.

This should rarely happen, because we keep in touch with the big AV products and make sure that they do not mark our software as false positive. But in case it happens, simply add them to the exceptions list.

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