A few days ago I explained you that you have to be persistent and
try different keywords and niches until you hit the jackpot.

And the response that I got from a lot of you was…
“Stoica, I ranked for long-term keywords with VMB but I want to rank for harder keywords too!
I don’t want to wait weeks or months to start ranking for the short-term keywords”

Well truth be told…
In this business you will NOT get long-term results OVERNIGHT!
And what I’m trying to teach you is how to build a stable online income stream and not how to make a quick buck…

If you want to be able to rank faster and higher for short-term keywords… you need to use PBNs!
The trick that I use is to build a 20-30 site PBN and each time I post a new video I just create some quick and easy backlinks from my private blog network.
This way I’m getting 2-3 times faster short-term keywords rankings.

I know you’re going to say that creating PBNs and backlinks in general is kinda hard and takes a lot of time…
Well, you’re right!

As I told you, I want to teach you how to build a STABLE online business!
And for that you’ll need to put some work into it.

I hate posting content myself…
and I tried to start building 100s of PBNs and I quitted 100s of times.
Heck… I was not even able to create a PBN until I found a software to help me automate the posting part because without it was just too much work for me..

After I began using this software, I started to see better and better results, higher rankings and more traffic.

Now, no matter which keyword a client wants me to rank his videos for… it’s no problem for me.

I just use VMB to generate the perfect on-page SEO, and with the push of one button I build 30 HIGH QUALITY backlinks to my fresh uploaded video.
BANG! First page results!

So what I recommend you to do is start building your own “private blog network”.
Put some time and effort into it because it will be worth it!
Build your own high quality blogs and social media profiles…
And each time you upload a new video, share it on all your blogs&profiles.
Keep them updated and I guarantee your rankings will see a massive boost!

If you don’t know how to do that…
or you just want an easier way to manage all your blogs and social media profiles…
And you want post content to all of them with one click, and not having to go trough each account one-at-a-time…

I recommend you the software that helped me FINALLY build a PBN:

>> http://ctavid.com/syndlab

The creators have called it Syndlab and it automatically syndicates your content to over
21+ high-quality social syndication sites on complete autopilot!

If there’s any source of backlinks that have produced more page 1 rankings then any other
it’s social syndication!

And Syndlab:
– Gets you first page rankings, FAST!
– Builds over 21+ high-quality syndications to ANY
URL that you want
– has one-click posting capabilities so it does ALL
the work for you in ONE click!
– has a built-in drip feeding option to give your
campaigns that natural feel
– has a built-in scheduler to schedule up to 14 days
of syndication!
– allows you to see full reports of your campaigns
– and much MUCH more!

>> http://ctavid.com/syndlab

I hope this will help you as much as it helped me.

So no matter what you decided…
Building your PBN manually or using SyndLab…
Start TODAY and I’m sure your rankings will see a HUGE BOOST!

Vlad and Stoica

P.S. SyndLab has made it as simple as
1. Choosing whether you want to rank a video or niche site
2. Select which sites (or all sites) that you want your
content to be syndicated to
3. Choose whether you want your syndication to start
immediately OR if you want it drip-fed.
4. Sitting back and let SyndLab get to work for you!
And right now you can claim a HUGE early-bird

>> http://ctavid.com/syndlab