We are testing a

New Technology that is 250% more efficient than email marketing

Send whatever, whenever you like to your website visitors!

100% message delivery GUARANTEED: every subscriber sees EVERY one of your messages

700% More Effective than Emails Marketing, Fb Ads, Re-Targeting etc

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Make MORE sales by reminding or re-engaging your users through browser notification messages even after they leave your page

No tech skills

SKYROCKET conversions with personal messaging based on preferences, categories or custom segments

usWhen I saw the Push Notification feature used by Facebook and I was thinking how cool would it be to be able to use the same tech to send messages to our visitors. ( this happened three-for weeks ago).

Ten day ago, Marius called me to invite me to test PushLeads! PushLeads allows you to do exactly that!

I already tested it with my TV Series website and I have to say that I am BLOWN AWAY!

For quite a while I was thinking to capture the emails of my visitors, but this would involve a pretty high cost.

We have around 50k visitors per day, let’s say 20% would signup to our newsletter, that would mean 10k new subs/day… and GetResponse asks for $165/month/10k subs…

Multiply that by 30…  and it would mean I would have to 5000$/month …

 That is kind of to much even for us 🙂

I didn’t want to risk that much money on a test… that could not even work…

With email newsletters we get around 10% CTR(click through rate) that mean that from 300k subs we whould get only 30k new visitors and guess what from 30k you don’t make even $1k 🙂 (now days)

But… With Push Notifications…

Didn’t have to worry about how many users I have in my list… you pay once and add as many subs as you want.

Didn’t have to worry that they won’t “open” my email.

And bammm: the push notifications traffic ALONE generated an extra 1k ! money-new





This is an image from a few months ago. Now I already implemented Push notifications on almost all my sites. But still I’m not 100% satisfied by the flexibility I get… So I found Let Reach ..

Let me show you a graph, to understand exactly how this works:

I believe that much in push notifications,
that I will start using it with my top trusted clients, the blaster members!

You should see a popup in on this screen asking you if you want to allow push notifications from BlastertSuite. Just press ok.

If you are interested to find out more about let reach and you thing this would fit your business, Click the button bellow