Just wanted to let you know that I know I didn’t answer all the tickets and emails you sent this weekend.

I’m in a short vacation in Paris with my fiancé, we are celebrating our 11 year anniversary.

In a few hours I’ll be back home and everything will get back to normal (I’m writing your this post from the airport)

In fact, I replied to a lot of emails and tickets from vacation too and that got me in trouble with my fiancé 🙂
( Check out the PS section)

After getting the shocking results from the survey…
We decided that we have to help you out to BUILD A STABLE INCOME by the end of the following month!

So Stoica continued to do some digging, a little networking, and found a solution for you…

We found a way to rank “websites” on the first page of Google in 24-48 hours.
With only about 15 minutes of actual effort.


I’m really excited about this!

As soon as I get back home,
I’ll send you a more detailed email about this method

PS: this method is that powerful that is kept private.
Please don’t share the link for the live training on forums or groups.

PPS: Me answering emails from vacation 🙂