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As professional programmer and marketer myself, I can count on fingers, the tools from other marketers that I use for my daily tasks.

I tried hundreds of tools but always I find some “glitches” and I start developing my own version.

But I have to tell you Group Marketer is an awesome tool

I’m using fb groups to get traffic to my offers and I tell you… you should do that too!

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Bonus #6 – Email Marketing Tips & Techniques

The Email Marketing Made Easy Newsletter will provide you with proven, effective information, tips and advice that will help you learn how to use email marketing to promote your business, products and services online.

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Bonus #7 – eMail Marketing A to Z

Just because you send email to people it does not mean they will open it.

Succeed where many have failed!

Read this tutorial.


Bonus #8- Whitelabelizer WP-Plugin

There are many cloud services which ask you to pay them big money for OTO just to be able to use your own domain name to show to your vistors or client. It includes both ecomerce and internet marketing.

This wp-plugin allows you to use your wp blog domain. You can use it also to show affiliate bonuses pages on your own domain name instead of vendor or service.

Commercial Rights
Use for yourself and your clients.


Bonus #9 – Header Code Injector

This is PRO version of our Header Code Injector wp plugin which gives ability to inject only specific pages insteag of all pages. This is simple but extremely usefull plugin we developed for ourselves. Many cloud services ask you to copy/paste code to header of the page between < header > and < /header > The problem is you cannot do that without hacking wordpress or theme because wordpress is generating header. It became so frustrating to not be able to use those amazing services that we wrote that powerful wp plugin.

Commercial Rights
Use for yourself and your clients.

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