Finally things are calming down in here, it was a really busy week for us after the launch.
We already released 2 new VMB updates and replied to over 700 tickets 😀

So now, after almost 2 weeks I finally got to read all your responses to the survey we sent you.
(you can still complete our survey HERE )

And noticed most of you have 2 BIG problems

Problem #1
I saw that a lot of you asked me how to create better converting videos.

When creating videos most important thing is to have high quality stock videos and images.
Without this…
Any effects, any transitions will be worthless and your videos will look totally unprofessional.
The problem with stock footage is that it is really expensive.
In the last years I spent on average $2500/year on stock footage.

This year I spent only a few bucks on videos and images because I discovered a THIS cool website:

Guess what… This is 100% FREE!

You don’t have to buy anything, no affiliate links, nothing!
Just thousands of free stock videos and images that will help you create STUNNING looking videos!
You can use all the images and videos from PixaBay in combination with any video creation software.
I really hope this will help you as much as it helped me!


The response we got at questions #7.

70% of you are making under $500/month
And only 6% are making over $5k…

I thought that at least 40% of you are banking over $5k.
I’m still shocked… but I have an idea!

As I already told you, we really want to help you succeed…
And truth be told… making the first $1000/month are the hardest…

But don’t worry, I’ll try to prepare something SPECIAL for you next week!
For many years our business was staggering and
THIS helped us bring our business to the level we were dreaming.

I’m sure THIS will help you too…
I don’t want to give you more details right now,
because I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to DELIVER in such a short amount of time.
I’ll get back with more details asap.

Until then, make sure to join our private facebook group.
Just say “Hello”, share your experience, your results, your ideas with the other blaster members.
Together you’ll learn more and you’ll get better results!

We have a ton of experienced blaster members ready to help you out!
We are trying to build a real community who helps and supports each other!

Have an awesome weekend,
Stoica and Vlad