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All of us want to rank on Google and YouTube, right?

But in order to do that, you’ll need a basic understanding of how YouTube’s algorithm works.
The most important thing to understand about Google and YouTube SEO is this:
G and YouTube want to show their users the BEST content/video at any given moment.

But there’s one BIG difference between Google and YouTube: ***How they evaluate content***

Google largely uses backlinks to determine the quality of a website/page.
The more backlinks a page has pointing to it, it means more people are recommending it and the better it will rank.

YouTube is totally different.
Instead of backlinks, YouTube measures how people interact with your video.
Since YouTube videos are hosted on YouTube servers, they know all the details about how people and viewers interact with your videos.

*YT RANKING FACTOR #1: Audience Retention*

How much of your video people watch on average. Simple as that!
Obviously, the higher your audience retention, the better.
YouTube LOVES this metric because it gives them an accurate indicator of video quality.
After all, people don’t tend to watch 90%+ of a crappy video.
So I recommend you to create HQ videos that will have high retention rate!
*Use the video sandwich template* that I taught you in order to create highly captivating videos.

*YT RANKING FACTOR #2: Total Watch Time*

Total Watch Time is the total amount of time people have spent watching your video over its lifetime.
Kinda old news, but still very relevant.
Total Watch Time is an even BETTER indicator of video quality than audience retention.
This metric measures the actual amount of time that people spend watching your video.
Consider this example:
You load a 20 second video. Your video is watched for 14 seconds.
Your Audience Retention is an amazing 70%!
But your Total Watch Time will be extremely low because the average viewer only watches for 14 seconds before clicking away.
Videos with high Total Watch Time benefit YouTube.
The more time someone spends on YouTube, the more money they make (from advertising).
So it makes sense that they would promote and give higher rankings to videos that keep people on YouTube for a longer time…
So I recommend to create videos that are *at least 3 minutes long.*

*RANKING FACTOR #3: Engagement Signals*
They want to see that people actively engage with your video. Specifically, they measure how many people:
Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share and Add your videos to a Playlist.
The more of these signals YouTube sees, the more they know that your video is keeping their users engaged on the platform.
So I recommend at the end of your videos to add a call to action image, ask people to like, comment and subscribe to your channel.
This simple “trick” can TRIPLE your stats.

*RANKING FACTOR #4: Keyword Optimization*
Probably you already master this step. And honestly probably this is the most important factor.
For YouTube to show your video to people, it needs to understand what your video is all about.
That’s why I recommend you to make sure you include your keyword in your title, description and your tags.
Write long and highly descriptive descriptions 🙂

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