This graphics software enables anyone to
create stunning professional graphics in just seconds:


… Even if you have NO IDEA how to use Photoshop or other tools!
DesignoPro does it all for you. This new app is a revolution
in graphics creation…
[+] cloud-based so you can edit images anytime, even on the go
[+] Superior quality due to vector-based designs
[+] incredibly newbie-friendly SEAMLESS interface
[+] hundreds of templates built-in for logos, headers, banners, graphics, etc.

Over 5,000 customers trust DesignoPro with their graphics needs.
Me and Stoica included!

Check out our review video:

DesignoPro is already hands down the best graphics editor ever, fully in the cloud –
and it allows you to seamlessly change anything!
But now – with the 2.0 upgrade – things are truly taken to the NEXT level:
[+] you get over 400+ Done-For-You templates built in
[+] you can now create 3D graphics
[+] you can now use realistic mockups and clothing designs
[+] seamlessly save everything in the cloud and turn back to it later
… and much much more


But hurry – the “early bird” price for the 2.0 version is live for just 4 hours until 3pm so it goes up in price as soon as the timer on the sales page hits zero!
Now is the best time to get Designo – while the price is all time low – and you’ll
benefit from the incredible 2.0 feature upgrades along the way too!


Have an awesome day!
Vlad and Stoica