This is a BLACH HAT method!

This method will get your account banned sooner or later, I don’t recommend to try it if you are not in the churn and burn biz.

I’m sharing this just to show you a very cool “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX” example!

” Ok so what are the things you needed.
1. Niche that has a lot of traffic
2. Video editing software (I’m using camtasia for compiling my video)
3. 15 Seconds Unique Video (It can be anything as long as it is yours and unique)Ads video
4. 3-5 minutes Unique Video (The Niche you have chosen)My Lyrics video
5. 1 Youtube account/channel with partner veriied
6. 1 Google adsense account

So you probably wondering what the hell am i going to with these things mentioned above, i’m really not good in english so instead of explaining i’ll just show the finish product.

Just play it:

As you can see i’ve pick the music niche since the traffic is huge but the cpc is low. So what i did here was created a fake ads and activate the overlay ads only. So how can you make money out of it? When the visitor watch your video, they thought they are really watching an annoying ads and we all know if you watch the skippable ads you will wait the 5 seconds countdown and immediately click the skip ads. When your viewrs saw the skip ads they will continue on clicking the skip ads to get rid of it and not knowing that after 10 sec the overlay ads will appear and accidentally click it which means $$$ in our pocket. :D:D Now this is method 1

Another method is if you want your viewers to get redirected to the website you like, example linkbucks/adly or anything you want you need your External annotations to be enabled and verify your website so you can use the redirect successfully. You can associate your website on this link then Associated website

You need to cloak the annotation and fit it on the skip ads box so your visitors wont noticed it, if your visitors successfully clicked the skip ads they will be redirected to your website.
Try to click the skip ads you’ll be redirected. :D:D

As you can see on the Youtube analytics the Clicks through rate is 99%!!!

ohh btw here’s the screenshot of my adsense when it is not yet banned. :cool::cool:

This is my earnings last Aug, these are the only screenshot i’ve managed to saved.

There you go! I hope you’ve understand my method and help you make money like i do!

Method shared by rap8557 JR. VIP on BHW