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Adding existing videos (from YT) in MVB Pro

Solution To achieve this, you will need to use Mass Video Downloader. Here are the steps you need to follow:

In Mass Video Downloader
1. Change the search type to Author/User (so you grab all videos from your account)
2. Hit populate
3. After the list is populated with videos, hit Download (MVB Pro will require the original video file, that's why you need to download the videos)
4. Hit Export. A popup menu will appear, you will need to click on Export videos and mark them as Uploaded in MVB Pro (your own videos)

In Mass Video Blaster Pro
1. Go to "Add Videos" module
2. Click on Import
3. Select the file exported from Mass Video Downloader
4. The videos will be added to MVB Pro and marked as Uploaded (if you go to upload module).
5. All you need to do now is select the imported videos (multiple items at a time is allowed), right click and click on "Set accounts (manually)" and assign the account that corresponds with your videos
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