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CPA Blaster
Cannot Login - Could not establish an internet connection.
Could not Upload/Could not Encode errors
No embeds (video links) found (in Content Module)
Software startup issues/Login problems/.Net Framework errors
How to login to private forums
Video Spin Blaster/Pro
Failed to generate video
Cannot play video in default media player
Videos are not generated (various errors)
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Pin Blaster
Images not appearing in your blog
Failed to post to Wordpress blog
Mass Video Blaster Pro
Adding existing videos (from YT) in MVB Pro
Fix - Login thread failed: Failed to login using(browser)
Tips to avoid account banning
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Adult Video Blaster
AM/PM Time Not Displaying - Upload Date - Schedule Date Issue AVB
Live Event Blaster
Understanding Events On YouTube - Live Event Blaster Streaming (or no streaming)
Video Marketing Blaster Pro
How to restore from backup - Rank Tracker module

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Running a windows software on Mac (FREE OPTION) Article rated 5.0/5.0
 All of our products are Windows native products. If you want to run them on a Mac, you have 2 options: a)Run Windows on your Mac using a Virtual Machine (FREE)!!!  You can find text instructions h...
Virus Detection On Blaster Suite Products - False Positive - Norton False Positive - Avast False Positive Article rated 3.4/5.0
 We have been selling our products for over 6 years, and we can guarantee they are not virus.  Whenever we release a new version of a software, antivirus products like Norton or Avast can d...

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